Music Ministry

Corporate, unified worship is a vital part of the ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church. We believe that music has the ability to strengthen our faith by reinforcing Biblical truth while engaging our thoughts and hearts to being joyful and praising the Lord.

Our desire is to glorify God in the music that we use within our worship services. Cornerstone Baptist Church uses traditional hymns, along with conservative gospel songs and recently composed songs. Cornerstone Baptist Church also seeks to provide opportunities for service to all who desire to use their talents for the Savior, whether they are experienced or just beginning.

If you are interested in using your talents for the Lord, please see one of our pastors for more information. It is our desire that through the music of Cornerstone Baptist Church that:

  1. God will receive all the glory, causing people to have a proper view of God. (Isaiah 6:3)
  2. God will receive all the praise, causing our attention to be centered on Christ alone. (Matthew 3:17)
  3. God’s people will be edified and unified as we grow together through corporate worship. (Colossians 3:16)
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