Our Beliefs

Below is a short summary of the beliefs of Cornerstone Baptist Church. If you have questions about these or other doctrinal positions, please contact us.

  • About the Bible

    We believe that God inspired the very words of the Bible in the original languages. The Word of God is absolute and without error; therefore, it is to be the sole rule of faith and practice.

  • About the Church

    We believe in the autonomy of the local church. In other words, the government and administration of the church are vested in the body of believers who compose its membership.

  • About God

    We believe that Yahweh is the one true God and that He possesses one divine essence which is entirely indivisible. Within the Godhead unity there are three eternal distinctions or persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The three persons of the Trinity are coexistent, coeternal, and coequal.

  • About Jesus

    We believe that Jesus Christ is God's divine Son. We believe in His incarnation and virgin birth. We believe that He shed His blood vicariously for mankind. He died, was buried, and arose bodily the third day from the grave. He is currently in heaven and makes intercession for believers. He is the Head of the Church. He will physically return for His own at the rapture and for unbelievers in judgment at His second coming.

  • About Sin and the Devil

    We believe that sin began in heaven with Satan leading a rebellion against God among the angels and upon earth when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. We believe that sin brings physical, spiritual, and eternal death upon man. We believe that God instantaneously created man without sin in His own image and that Adam willingly chose to transgress God's law, bringing sin, depravity, and judgment upon the entire human race. Thus, man is born with a sinful nature which apart from the saving grace of Jesus Christ will bring forth God's eternal judgment.

  • About Salvation

    We believe that salvation cannot be earned through merit or good works and that unless the Spirit of God convicts a man's heart, he will not turn to Christ in saving faith. We believe a person must repent of his sinfulness before God and believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ and personally place his faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ to inherit eternal salvation and that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. We believe at the time of a man's conversion he is freed forever from the penalty of sin. From that moment on, God seeks to transform him into the image of Christ and upon his death or the Lord's return frees him from the presence of sin.

  • About Baptism and The Lord's Supper

    We believe in two church ordinances: (1) baptism by immersion after salvation for those truly receiving Christ as Savior, and (2) the Lord's Supper for all obedient believers. We believe that baptism is an outward picture of the new birth which identifies a believer with Christ and that the Lord's Supper commemorates the death of Christ, symbolizing His sacrifice for our sins.

In addition to these beliefs, Cornerstone stands without apology as a traditional, independent Baptist church. You can read more about our distinctives here.

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